People love their curry

I think Domo-kun (below) captures the faces of Tadaima members when we saw how successful the cafe was… thank you so much, community. From the bottom of our hearts, we are humbled and amazed by your generosity and presence. Much to our surprise and delight, both reservation blocks were completely full — with folks having to wait for a seat at times. We served traditional Japanese golden curry, a yellow thai curry, lentil and kale winter soup (brought by our amazing SNS ally, Seayoung), and a tsuyu soup with gyoza — all available with kuma (bear)-shaped rice! Not to mention chambucha, fresh-made mochi and sorbet/ice cream.

Our Secret Curry Cafe raised close to $1300, which made up almost HALF of our fundraising goal. We are so truly thankful.

We appreciate your support in ways that cannot be said on a mere blog. A special shout out to our fantastic and well-loved allies, Mijo (from Sahngnoksoo) and Cabug (Arts Kultura) for helping us with fundraising. Also thanks to YJV, Stacy, Dan, Jen, Ammara, Brian, Lolo, Leo, Caylo, and the mountain of others who volunteered to host/serve/and support. We tip our hats to you.

For March, Tadaima is going to focus on OKAERI planning and expanding our membership base. So, basically,  it’s a good time to tell everyone you know to join.

In solidarity and humility, your loving fans,

the Tadaima fam

P.S.  Another BIG thanks to the Nikkei far and wide who friend, like, or follow us — welcome to the Tadaima community!


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