OKAERI update (Okinawa has been good to the Tadaima crew)

We are departing Okinawa tomorrow as we finish the first leg of our OKAERI project. And none of us want to go.

It’s been amazing to watch Okinawa citizens and allies from all over the islands sit in protests for any number of YEARS- yes, YEARS! The folx who oppose the Helipads and the base expansion at Henoko have been working to protect their seas for over 15 years. Similarly, the folks in Takae (which is a town comprised of 150 people) takes turns guarding base blockades in 24 hour shifts everyDAY for 5 years… And just like we saw at the Genpatsu Hantai rallies- the Japanese govt and Power Companies (obviously in conjunction with U.S. interests) are bullying the people of the provinces to support big business and cities…


Despite dire circumstances, we have been met with only kindness and love from organizers and activists. We are forever grateful for the connections we have made.

Expect some history, inspiration, beautiful views and pictures of our sunburns.

love from the rooftops of Okinawa,

OKAERI peeps


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