Tadaima Report Back from our OKAERI trip to Japan! Friday July 12 @ 6:30pm

We’d like to invite you to the one-year anniversary party of Tadaima’s OKAERI trip to our rootlands. We’ll be releasing our zine and doing a report back from our trip to connect with social justice movements in Japan and Okinawa. We’re excited to share with you about our trip, the work being done in Okinawa and Japan and our personal reflections on the impact of this journey.

Please join us on Friday July 12th at 6:30pm at the Jackson Place Cohousing Common House (820 Hiawatha Place South, off of Dearborn between Hiawatha and 17th). There will be snacks provided.

More information about our trip is here: https://tadaimaseattle.wordpress.com/okaeri/

Summer 2012 051 (3)

Jackson Place Cohousing is located at 820 Hiawatha Place South, near Dearborn and Rainier in Seattle’s International District. Metro’s #7 (closest, 1 short block and a half) and #60 bus drops a long block (with a hill) and a half away, #14 six blocks away. There’s a small, accessible parking/drop-off area off of Dearborn on between Hiawatha that’s on level ground. From the drop-off area there are no stairs to enter the space.

Coming from the street, the Common House is accessible without stairs by elevator (look for signs, its a purple door about 15 feet up dearborn from the corner of dearborn and hiawatha. Unfortunately, its behind a locked door, and we’ll have someone waiting there from about 10 minutes before the event until 10 minutes after its scheduled to start. If you need to use the elevator afterwards, please call the number on the elevator signs). Its also accessible without stairs by ascending (or descending depending which way you’re coming from) a short, but very steep, half block sidewalk on Dearborn and entering through the parking lot on the north-east side of the community.

We request that participants refrain from wearing perfumes or other scented products to reduce exposure to our valued community members with environmental and chemical illnesses. Please feel free to get in touch with questions about accessibility or to let us know how we can help make this day of workshops welcoming for you by emailing seattletadaima@gmail.com.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at seattletadaima@gmail.com

In Solidarity,
Tadaima Seattle


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