About Us

We are a Seattle-based collective that approaches social justice organizing from a Japanese perspective.
We understand our work through a radical/progressive/liberatory/intersectional model of oppression.
We support each other. We support our sister organizations. We support our community.
We work towards a positive, progressive Japanese American identity that transcends traditional boxes!

Tadaima is a radical Japanese American community that redefines our connection to each other and our homelands, wherever they may be. We center and hold ourselves accountable to folks who are multiracial, queer, transgender, gender non-conforming, have varying abilities, and/or have varying economic status, whether 1st or 50th generation.  We educate ourselves about radical resistance movements effecting Japanese communities in the U.S. and globally.

By intentionally organizing with Japanese Americans, People of Color, and international communities, we recognize a fluid spectrum of identities and seek folks who have ever thought about Japanese American organizing but then decided, “that’s not me.”

This is you.
This is us.
Okaeri (Welcome home).




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