(Organizing Kollaboration/konnections Around Education, Resilency, & Internationalsolidarity)

OKAERI, generally meaning “You have returned” or “you came back,” is a common expression used to greet people when they have returned home. 


O.K.A.E.R.I. is a 2-week exploratory trip to Japan. Our pilot trip was for our members and took place in the Summer of 2012. The pilot program was to be a vehicle for people from the Japanese Diaspora* to reconnect and grow cultural roots to Japan through exposure to traditional and modern Japanese activities and building relationships with social justice organizations and individuals in Japan.

Our goal statement: “We will learn and share political organizing skills to build our collective tool box of anti-colonial and international solidarity strategies.
We do this in order to promote a generational shift towards a positive nikkei* identity that includes

    • remembering parts of our identities lost to assimilation and incarceration,
    • building resiliency and healing strategies around internalized oppression and other shared traumas
    • creating lasting relationships both internally and internationally.”


This project has been modeled by our amazing ally organizations such as: Sahngnoksoo/Nodutol/Eclipse Rising with their Korean Education and Exposure Program (KEEP) and Koreans in Japan Education and Exposure Program (kJEEP), as well as Pinay Sa Seattle/Bayan Seattle involvement in the Philippine Exposure Program. (See our Allies page for more info)

Here’s a link to a bilingual radio show about Eclipse Rising’s trip:  http://www.tcc117.org/fmyy/index.php?e=784

Please email us at seattletadaima@gmail.com if you have questions, would like to share resources, or make a donation to help fund OKAERI. You can also join our Allies list serve at http://groups.google.com/group/tadaima_okaeri?pli=1

image borrowed from Michael Lujan Bevacqua who blogs about Chamorro Rights & Reclaimation



*we define both nikkei (“a person of the Japanese Diaspora”) and Japanese Diaspora very widely to include multi-racial folks, cultural and ethnic minorities from Japan (zainichi-koreans, etc), adoptees, and their descendents.


One thought on “O.K.A.E.R.I.

  1. kenjitokawa says:

    amazing stuff folks. i am so happy for your existence. looking forward to hearing more about this project!

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