TADAIMA IPV Statement (8.29.11)

Tadaima recognizes that intimate-partner violence (IPV) is part of a system of power and control that we all have a responsibility in ending. We strongly support violence prevention programs and education. Utilizing Transformative Justice as a model for our organizing approach, we recognize the complexities involved when addressing IPV within our communities. We will continue to educate ourselves as well as share resources for those who survive and those who cause harm. Tadaima believes in putting people first, and that all of us deserve competent community care and support. We are dedicated to creating safety in the spaces we call home.

TADAIMA Nuclear Energy Statement (in-progress 7.18.11)

– as individuals, we may support or oppose nuclear energy; as an organization, we support the autonomy of the Japanese people (and of all developed/developing countries) to make informed choices about the use of nuclear energy.  We support their right to the facts about the risks and benefits of such technology and therefore hold governments responsible for ensuring transparency with regards to the links between development and business interests.  
– We understand that all energy comes at a cost, be it on the environment and/or on the health of particular communities (most often marginalized ones).  We also acknowledge that, in developing countries, nuclear energy is often seen as a “cleaner” alternative to fossil fuels.  However, as we have seen in disasters like Fukushima and Chernobyl, nuclear energy comes at many costs – mainly for workers and impacted communities, as well as the environment.  
– To strengthen the ability of communities to make informed choices regarding the sources of their energy, we believe governments have a responsibility to support the research, development, and incentivization of renewable energy.  Some examples, as proposed by some community-based, anti-nuclear organizations in Japan, might include: small-scale hydro, biomass, grid-connected PV (solar), geothermal, and wind.


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