Japannewbie post!

Japannewbie post!

Hello Tadaima fam- sorry to have kept you waiting for a new post- we are excitedly getting ready for our OKAERI trip (a few of us have already made us to the Rootland)! Still would love to meet with any and all of our nihonjin organizer buddies particular in our 4 key interest areas: Equity, Allyship, Transformative Justice, and International Solidarity. If you have contacts please forward to

In the mean time, check out this post from a blogger in the JPN. He gives a short translation to a Japanese animated short regarding the Fukushima disaster. Explaining the Nuclear disaster in poop and farts- which really, is a language we all understand, ne?

 Check this link from the NYTimes regarding some of the activism regarding Genpatsu Hantai (opposition) in Japan